OUMLIL Mohamed

Architect DENA, M.Sc.

Architect graduated from the ENA of RABAT (National School of Architecture) in 2009, with a thesis theme about the modernization process of the form and image of the city and their dialectical relationships with the issue of urban identity. As for the Graduation project, it was about the urban renewal of the historical downtown of the city of Agadir ; an Urban Design project aiming to give Public Space its importance in the process of valorization of the urban landscape as well as its role as an INTERFACE of expression/formulation of the Urban Identity. By the end of 2009, He passed the MONBUKAGAKUSHO scholarship exam, a prestigious scholarship discerned for academic research by the Ministry of Education of the Japanese Government. He enrolled at the Department of Global Environmental Design (地球環境デ ザイン学専攻) for a Master of Science at the faculty of Engineering - UTSUNOMIYA University in JAPAN. With the Supervision of his Professor Nobuo Mitsuhashi, the director of the department of Architecture and Urban Planning, he undertook his Master project of Urban Renewal of the JR Utsunomiya Railway Station and its vicinities: a proposal of urban linkage and revalorization of the Multimodal Station by injecting a new program, for instance: a Convention Centre, an Incubation Centre affiliated to the University of UTSUNOMIYA, a Panoramic Museum, mixed-use building...etc

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